A good place to start

I think that the best place to start is why I call you Luv.

It is difficult to wrap up all of the feelings and emotions into something simple.  I call you Luv because that is how I summarize everything.  Every time that you see Luv you can know that it is all of these things that I am saying.


I call you Luv because:

You are deep inside my heart in a place that will exist until the day that I die.

Despite the feelings and emotions I can not commit and give you true Love, and that makes me sad.

Luv is cute and fun, just like you.

You are special to me and I want a name that makes you sound special.

I have a difficult time saying goodbye after we talk on the phone and I want to say all of this but I can’t manage it, but I can say, “Goodbye, Luv.”

You are beautiful and wonderful.

When we are in public and I call you Luv people assume that I am saying “love” and it lets me fantasize a little.

You like it.

It is easy to say.

When I call you Luv you call me Luv back, and that makes me feel special.

We don’t need a more elaborate word to express our feelings.

It is short and easy to text.

I don’t call anyone else in the world Luv, only you.



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