Close your eyes

How can closing your eyes be so powerful?  Your eyelid is like a magical barrier blocking out reality and allowing you to travel to another world.

When I want to be with you I close my eyes and it is almost like you are there with me.  I can better remember how you feel.  When I close my eyes I can relive waking up next to you.  I can feel the anticipation when there was a knock at the door and I knew it was you on the other side.  I am there again.  My heart races, I pull you in, ease you against the wall and kiss you like there is nothing in the world except that kiss.

Sometimes it is sad for me that my almost-real memories with my eyes closed are the best things that I have left of you.  The perspective that I refocus on is that each of those memories was a wonderful, life-shaking moment with my Luv.  How many people EVER feel, even once, passion so deep?


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