How silly

As I look back I sometimes wonder what I was thinking.  Things I’ve said seem almost silly.  I understand that getting to know each other was a process.  We learned about each other more every time.

This was an early text trying to get together just a couple days after we first met.

“If you want to limit the time we play today that is OK or if you want to try for next week that is OK too. I don’t want this to be a burden, but the break would be a good distraction. I’ll control things when you show up but you get to choose when. The reason I want you to choose is so that I know you’ll be focused and not wishing you were somewhere else.”

You replied, “I would never get there and wish I was somewhere else. That is impossible.”

I was trying to be polite but you understood what we had.

This is still true. When I am with you the entire world fades away.


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