I wonder at what point we start to fade.  For me, you will never go away or diminish.  You will be my Luv until I die.  I am forever changed and you are written on my heart in words that can never be erased.

But what about the fading? When will the daily troubles of this world push us out?

It breaks my heart to think that there is a time when you may go a day without thinking about me.  What about when it turns into a week without a thought?

I know that I will always be in your heart and that you will be in mine.  You will always be in a special place that I can go to when I need you.  When the weight of the world is too much or when I’m sad and need to know that there is something wonderful out there I can visit my secret place.  When I need to feel alive again I can close my eyes and visit you.

You will always be there for me.  Looking at me with eyes as desperate for me to kiss you as I am to do it.

It’s easy for me to let go, tap into that emotion and feel you.  That is more than most people will ever have in their entire life.  If that is all I have now then I will choose to be happy with it.


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