Next time

What I do the next time that I see you won’t be a surprise.  I’m telling you now so that you are ready.

You are my friend and lover.  We have amazing adventures: fun, sexy and maybe even borderline illegal ;-).

This time will be like the first time.  I will control you and make you feel the things you dream about.  If someone were in the room watching they would be uncomfortable.  They would wonder how can I do this to you.  They would say, “She is begging.  She is pleading.  Please, just give her what she needs.  She is so desperate for you that I’m afraid she may die!”  To that I would say, “She is my toy and plaything.  Even more than that, she is my Luv.  All of this is for her.  This is what she wants and it is what she NEEDS.”


Like air.


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