Garden path

Are we like a garden path?  A secret winding path that takes you somewhere wonderful and magical.  Cobblestones below and flowers all around.  Unused except for the gardener keeping it neat and quaint.

Unfortunately, without constant, close attention the snow builds up and the weeds take over.  Time passes and it does not look the same.  It is overrun and unrecognizable to the outside, but we know better.  It may be buried but it is still there.

I like the picture that this paints. A wonderful and beautiful thing that maybe we didn’t appreciate enough when we had it. Maybe we didn’t even understand how special it was. Time and life has affected us but at the core nothing has changed.

Maybe it’s like they say, “you can never go home,” but I know with my entire heart that it is still a thing of beauty buried beneath the stuff of life.


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