What will I say?

I feel differently about our blog now that I have a limit/goal of 100 posts.  It isn’t a mindless rambling, it’s now a gift that is a certain size.

Since you know me this won’t be a surprise. I thought about making a list and a schedule of different topics.  I said to myself, one sexy per week and two touching ones.  Throw in three pictures a month and always follow a serious with a funny, etc.

I was afraid that I may make it to 100 and not have said everything.  When I get near 100 will I slow down knowing that each one needs to count more?  Should I waste posts with dumb thing or would you like the lighthearted release?

I definitely over think things sometimes but let me tell you why this has been included into your list of 100.

I want you to know that I am very interested in being intentional when I give to you.


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