Mostly you call me Luv. This is what we say to each other when we talk or text. It is our pet name for each other but there is so much more meaning than just a cutsie name. Within Luv is everything, our entire history. All of the small details and reasons for “us” are contained in Luv. It is so perfect.

Of course, there is that one exception. That one time when you never call me Luv. It is the time when you call me Sir. I like that too.

I don’t know why I never thought about this until now.

I think because it feels so right when you call me Luv or when you call me Sir. It’s like the words don’t exist, just you communicating with me. At times I don’t need your words. I can read your breathing, your body, your eyes and your heart.

You are my Luv and so much more.


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