Is it too cliché of me to write about your naked body?

How I have that way I bite your foot.

How I massage your calves.

How I touch your knees.

How I lick the inside of your thighs.

How I spend soooo much time at your special place.

How I pull you close by supporting your back.

How I kiss your wrist.

How I adore your neck.

How I touch your face.

How when I taste your lips everything in the world disappears.

Do you know my favorite part to touch?  When you lay naked on me, spent and motionless, I stroke the curve from the small of your back, over your butt and down to the soft skin on the inside of your thigh.

Do you know what my favorite part of you to feel is?  Your heart.  I can feel your heart and how special “we” are when you gasp and whisper, “Thank you, Sir.”


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