An object

I care for you so much and you are so special to me.  There is no doubt in my mind that you know that.  I think because we have that security I am comfortable telling you that among all the things you are to me one of them is a sexual object.

There is so much joy in laying naked next to you and the world melts away when your head is resting on my chest.  I could die at that instant a happy man.

There are also times when you stir up the animal in me.  There are times when you arouse such sexual energy that I feel like I will explode.  When you would come see me and I held you against the wall kissing you this could well up.  When you would say “no more” I felt a compulsion to keep going, to please just a little more, to bring you a little further into bliss.

I’m thinking about you now and the animal is stirring a bit.  I wish you were next to me.  I’m thinking about you undressing and touching yourself with your panties still on.  It’s sexual but still leaves some to the imagination.  I’m thinking about you completely naked and in your submissive positions.  You are upright, kneeling, eyes down, touching down there.  I can see you presenting yourself to me, open and vulnerable with your chest down and your ass high in the air touching yourself.  I can see you on your back spread wide pleasing yourself.

Oh Luv, what did I do to deserve someone so wonderful that is kind, caring, gentle but also so wild.


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