Is it more than infatuation?  Is that where it started?  Was it just chemical?  Were we just lonely?

I think it was a mix of all these, and then so much more Luv.

We once talked about how things would have been if we didn’t get in the shower.  You said you don’t know if you would have wanted to get together again.  You would have left thinking that you had a wonderful, sexy time but it may not have satisfied what you were looking.  I don’t know if you even knew what you wanted.

Of course everything changed because of the shower and you became my Luv.


One thought on “Infatuation

  1. It makes me nervous to think about how things could have been different. Any small change could have had a ripple effect on what I feel for you now, and because of that I know I wouldn’t change one single moment. Ah, but what if? Would I have come back for more? And, if so, would that have set a different tone for what we would become?

    It’s scary to think about my not ever returning, but maybe scarier still to think about what we would be if I had returned in pursuit of those singular desires. Who would you be then, Luv? Would you have seen through to me? Would I be open to your soul? I wouldn’t risk that for anything.

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