It’s like a dream

When I woke up this morning I had a dream fresh in my mind.  It’s weird how the transition goes from dreaming to awakening.

At first the dream is so vivid and may not follow the rules of reality.  As you are waking it is still there but starts to disappear.  For me, if I actively think about something it pushes the dream out so I’ve learned to keep my mind empty.  This lets me enjoy the dream a little longer.

It’s like breath on a mirror.  You can’t really discern the mist that is leaving then all of a sudden it’s gone.  Just as everything is about to disappear I can sometimes keep a few parts of a dream. I feel it slipping away so I pick something, think about it and carry it to my real life.

I don’t put a lot of meaning in dreams but last night I can still picture walking home from school when I was a kid.  I remember shutting a door that there was a rose bush next to.  The bush wasn’t trimmed and it had grown too close and cut my hand.  I also remember writing a book.  Someone told me that, “these kinds of books have to be supported by the crowd.”  What they meant was that it was not popular or shallow or mainstream.

You are like my dream.  I do all the things that I do to keep you in my mind.  I want to remember how amazing and reality-defying what we have is.  I am not willing to let you just disappear, knowing that it was amazing but not remembering how.


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