Rabbit hole

When you fall down the rabbit hole I will fall down with you.  I will hold you and cry with you.

We can sit silently just being together, counting each other’s breaths.  You can lean on me and sob and I will dry your eyes.  You can yell at the world and I will soothe you when you are done.  You can kick at the rocks and I will kiss your feet to make them feel better.  You can hate yourself and I will tell you that you deserve love.

You are not special because I said so.  You are special because you are a child of God who loves you unconditionally.  He loves you like a daddy loves his newborn daughter.  There are no words that can adequately describe that.

When you are suffering you can close your eyes and remember how I would hold you and how you felt.  If things are so dark that you can not overcome them, think about how He holds you like a daddy.

You are so special.

You are so beautiful.

You are more than enough.


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