The small things

I miss the small things about us so much.

I wish I could talk to you whenever I want.

I miss your smile, even the cheesy smile.  (Maybe especially the cheesy smile)

I want to hear about your day, the boring parts, the stressful parts and the funny parts.

I want to share victories with you, like when dinner turns out just right.

I miss bringing you raw sugar and hot water for your tea.

I miss our inside jokes (Oh, the passion!)

I want to watch you work and lip sync the music.

I want to dance with you.  I never got to dance enough.

I think that the little things make it real.  Anyone can have mind-blowing, panting, screaming, scare-the-neighbors, loosen-your-fillings, sweating, groaning sex, but the space between is where the relationship is.


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