I am that cool

Yes, this is stupid.

Yes, I am silly.

One of the things that I feel the most amazing about is that when I met your pet he liked me, and he doesn’t like many people.  Maybe the supernatural power that I have to reduce you to Jell-O and bring you pleasure extends to the sensitive furry creatures in your life.  Maybe he is able to sense that my intentions are only good.  Maybe he can tell that I am an old soul.  Maybe my eyes are kind.

Whatever it is he is yours and he accepted me even though we share you.

I think that you probably guessed the right answer.  He associated your good moods, utter happiness and joy with my scent lingering on your skin.   He said, “This is the scent that makes mommy happy.  It makes her glow and pull me close and snuggle me next to her naked skin.”


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