The time I begged

I can only think of one thing that I begged you for.

There are plenty of times I asked or directed.  I’m a gentleman and that is how I am, but there was one thing that I begged for.

It’s interesting for me to think about this.  Begging is an act of desperation; of complete powerlessness asking for something that you have no way to enforce yourself.  Begging is saying that I depend entirely on your kindness and mercy to do this for me.  I can not make you but I need you to.

Do you remember the only thing that I ever asked you to do where I was completely helpless and powerless?  Where I could not force you and I did not have the will to do?

If you do not remember I will remind you, Luv.


2 thoughts on “The time I begged

  1. Remind me. Was it the table when I wasn’t allowed to look? The cinnamon alcohol? The model photoshoot? The not-a-model/not-a-photoshoot where I was able to take control? Tell me Luv. I cant see you begging.

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