Bubble wrap

I know that we describe us as in bubble wrap for each other, protected and isolated from the rest of our lives.  That is what you are like but I think that the bubble wrap gives the wrong message.

Yes, you are isolated from the rest of everything, officially.  I walk around happy during the day.  My hours aren’t spent weeping about the hole in me.  Everything is so very normal.

Yes, there is a barrier that insulates and keeps my real life from touching you.  There isn’t any open commonality between you and I.

Yes also, you are the middle.  In the midst of everything, hidden in plain sight among everything that I am.

Here is where the picture is wrong.  You are not fragile.  You do not need to be protected.  I don’t have to carefully place you in my secret place.  You are strong and powerful inside me and the truth is that I need protected and insulted or my fantasy life would consume my real life.


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