Is it OK that I get inspiration to write you from so many places?

I was browsing and wasting time on the web tonight.  As I was reading “50 amazing facts about the vagina” the word kegel brought me a memory.

When we were still young I was feeling out your comfort level for things.  I didn’t know if you were a dirty talker or prudish, but I wanted to find out.  I wanted to create stress and embarrassment in you so I made you read sex stories to me.  You said all those dirty things to me 😉

They are the stories of adventures found in the imagination of middle age men living in their parent’s basement, but still don’t hold a candle to ours.

One story used the work kegel over and over.  I smile so broadly when I think about it.  You and I sitting on the bed and all the naughty things that I made you say.

Luv, you are always such a good sport.

I hope this made you laugh.


One thought on “Kegel

  1. Hahaha! Yes! That was so mean Luv! I think I would blush to this day reading what I did! Maybe we should test that theory. I’m going to find something and ask YOU to read it next time. Turning tables. 🙂

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