The rest of it

I don’t know how I can resist writing more about our first big adventure.

We hadn’t seen each other for a long time and we were still so young in knowing each other.  Here are the texts setting it up:

Me: It’s a strange feeling, but I’m almost giddy to see you.  How much time can I have you?  The past time flew by in some ways but crawled in others.  I’m mostly excited to hear your voice, see the expressions on your face and just stroke your skin.  If that was all I’d be happy.

You:  All day if you’ll have me.  And I’d like to see a giddy you.  It’ll make me feel better about me being giddy.

Me:  I have a plan for you.  I’ve thought about what I want you to wear.  You can pick whatever you want.  I’m just concerned about your shoes.  Something that is comfortable to wear.  They don’t need to be flashy or sexy, but something that you would wear with a dress or skirt.  The color is not very important.

After that I even gave you the weather forecast so that we could choose the right ones.  This is still one of my favorite adventures Luv.  You had absolutely no idea what was next.

You can tell the rest of the story if you want.


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