The cinnamon


I’m happy that you reminded me of the cinnamon alcohol.  That was a fun one.  Maybe just because it was different.

I remember a lot of it but some is a little unclear.  Help me set the record straight.

What we had was Hot Damn! cinnamon schnapps.  I measured your drink out based on your body weight.  My goal was to have you mostly drunk when we started but sober enough to drive when we finished.  So there you were chugging down a big plastic cup of booze in the morning.

What was I thinking?  Did I need you more compliant?  Did I need you to drop your inhibitions?  You already did everything that I asked and only needed a little “encouragement” a few times.

This is what I’m not sure about.  I think that I sat in a chair watching you.  I’m pretty sure that I made you strip for me and maybe dance just a little.  I kind of think that I had you lean back against the wall and touch yourself.  Is all that right?

A memory that I have is telling you how beautiful your were and that as you get older you will only become more beautiful.

I think that in ten years you will be even more attractive than you are now.

There is one part that doesn’t make sense without the story before this.  I gave you clues that I knew you could not guess but would make sense after.  The clues were so vague that you worried about choking on cinnamon dust.

I want to tell that story.  The clue for that activity was a picture entitled “breath”.



2 thoughts on “The cinnamon

  1. Were both of those in the same event? The cinnamon and the breath? I remember each thing differently but can’t remember the whens of each. Maybe that is wht I needed to be more compliant? But did you mix drunk me with low air me? I dont see that somehow. And then if I went sailing too? Probably took me a week to get my brain cells back. :p

  2. I think that the breathing was before this but you were worried that this would be part two with a diabolical cinnamon chocking aspect 😉

    I’ll write that story next. I may even have the pictures that I sent you.

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