Your breath

I wanted something very kinky and controlling and intimate.  Something that would challenge you and maybe bring you to your limit.  That is why I controlled your breath.

There really wasn’t any way for you to guess what I was planning from your clues.  Maybe you could have guessed choking but that would be wrong.  I’m not saying that I would never choke you but it seems too much like an act of violence not an act of passion.

I planned ahead so that I would have an idea how long you could hold your breath and when your vision would narrow.  I knew when you would struggle for air and when to release you.

It was some time after this that I started to say “like air” to you.  Maybe you connected these or maybe not.

I tied your hands because I didn’t want you to be able to fight too much.  I could have held you down but I needed both of my hands.  I slowly worked you up because I wanted the arousal high and your head flooded.  This is when I covered your mouth with mine, held your body close.  Your nose was plugged with my cheek.

Now all you air came from me.  I was breathing out and you were breathing in.  Every breath from my body, my lungs to yours.  I would take fresh air in through my nose and give you life.

When you were ready I stopped giving you air.  I pinched your nose and held you tight.  You tried to not fight me but eventually your body took control and you tried to escape and breath.  You were light headed, struggling against me, craving air and climaxing all at once.  The sensations of sex, orgasm and suffocating while I was so close was what I wanted.  I don’t believe that you had fear that I would hurt you but the sensory overload must have been incredible and confusing.

As I was doing this every though was of you.  I studied your body and your breathing.  I sensed how tense your muscles were and which way you would struggle.  I held you like a wrestler, anticipating your move to keep you close and you mouth covered.

You explained that that it was like a rubber band.  You felt it all as it was happening up to a point, then when the air was to far gone you kind of lost yourself.  When I set you free and gave you your air back all of the feeling rushed and hit you in an instant like a huge wave crashing on the beach.

Oh, Luv.  What does it say that I would drive you to a place of desperation to give you move pleasure?  You know I would never hurt you but I will push you to a limit.  Is it wrong what I do or is it so special that you were everything in the world to me when we played?  Is it a perversion or just play?

I was your life, literally, and you were my obsession.  Is that the passion that people are jealous of?

Tell me what you remember, please.


3 thoughts on “Your breath

  1. I remember the first time differently because it was a new experience, but you’ve used this trick on me once or twice since. It is so very intimate despite the physical ramifications of stopping me from breathing. :p

    The thing I remember is not feeling. When I couldn’t breathe my entire focus was on finding air. I wasnt feeling you between my legs and I wasn’t your weight over me. Then when you breathed all the feelings snapped back and I was unpreparred for them.

    It wasnt an intense overcoming experience, more than an up and down, where every up was higher than the last until the last hill where I fell down the other side.

    Does that analogy work? I dont want say like a roller coaster because you feel the

    • Sumbitted too soon. :p

      …motion both ways there. It is more like a lid on a pot of boiling water with all this steam inside. When the lid is on its just a warm pot, but when you lift the lid a big puff of steam comes out and its all bouling bubbles

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