First adventure, really

Luv, I can’t imagine this blog without the real story of our first adventure.  I’ve written about it in cryptic ways but let me plainly tell about it so that we can always remember.

We were still new and getting to know each other.  You know the clues that I gave you already.  The thing that I was concerned with was your shoes.  You laid them all out and sent me a photograph even.

I did a little work to prepare for this.  There was shopping for the trench coat and also finding a secret, secluded place in the mall.

I had you pick me up and you drove me to the mall.  We parked a little ways out away from the cars but not so far that we would stick out.  That is when I had you take all your clothes off :-).  There you were naked in the parking lot.  I gave you the trench coat and you put your shoes back on.  We were all ready for shopping now.

It was pretty normal shopping.  I wanted you to pick out a few shirts for me so that whenever I wore them I would think of you.  I still have them and I still think about you.

Of course shopping by itself would never be enough.  We shopped at the exact store that I wanted because there were secluded changing rooms.  I took my shirts back and waved you to me.  By this time I don’t expect that you were surprised.  I opened your trench coat and pleased you, playing, licking and kissing.  I still don’t know if anyone heard us.

Did this set the tone for things to come?  You deserve to have adventure and excitement and wonderful oral sex in public places.


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