The oddest result

I thought of this today and it made me laugh.  I told you this once but I don’t want to forget it.

When I lost my time with you there was an unexpected result.  I started to lose some of my core strength.  It makes sense.  You and I would lay together and have hours of sex.  How many times did we plan on getting into the shower but just never make it?

It was a workout for me in the very best way!  Over you and inside you, holding you in place.  Between your legs, kissing your thighs but holding you tight.  I would bring you to the place where you would writhe and I would restrain you, over and over.

So many times I was above you and I would put my arm straight down, like being in a push up, next to your neck.  I held the edge of the bed and acted like a fence keeping you from falling off.  We would go like this until you would beg me to stop and I would be drained and exerted, sweating on you.

That is when we would lay together, gather our strength and go again.


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