I’ve been writing this for you to keep forever.  I want the small things, the big things, the adventures and everything in between.  When you are old and I am gone you will have this to remember your feelings and your excitement.

I also know that I am yelling this to the entire world.  I know that in reality not many people will ever stumble across our words and even then, they will never know us.

Every word here is true but does it need to be the entire truth?  What if some of it is awkward?  I have written for you and shared with the world some of the most intimate moments and thought imaginable between a man and woman so how can I be embarrassed by some of our story?

Where is the shame from?  Some thing we can’t say just to say private but what about the rest?  I’m fine with the possibility of complete strangers knowing that I have a mild foot thing going for you or that I bit your knees last time I saw you.

How silly we are.


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