The other stuff

It seems like all I write to you about is sex, crying, your body and all the ways that I’ve forced you to feed my perversions, lol.

There is more to “us” than all of that.

This is the 72nd post and I’m afraid that the blog is filling up and I still have so much more to say.  I put this in because I think that this is important.  icallyouluv is the complete story of us.

The people in my normal life sing along to our favorite songs now.

I am grateful that you taught me about the “patch” tool.  How did I ever live with only the healing brush?

You have accepted all the kindness that I can give and because of that I have learned how to feel certain things again.

I never would have visited that place that I’d wanted to go to for years.  You were there as my friend to help me make it.

My creativity had become an atrophied muscled that you allowed me to work.

I have rediscovered how much I enjoy writing as a way to express my feeling.

I now have several new TV shows that I obsess over.

When was the last time I wrote someone a poem before you?

Oh Luv, you are just wonderful.


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