When you looked away

We went through phases: kinky sex, passionate lovemaking, lots of snuggling, ropes and bondage, and then back again.  I wanted to give you the feeling of submission again so I played this game with you.

We practiced positions of submission.  You may need to fill in some gaps for me or tell me if I misremembered.

The first position was you on your belly.  Your arms were at your side and your palms were up.  You were looking away from me and your ankles were crossed.  This made your body long and lean.  It’s not sexual but I had access to touch your naked body from your head to your feet.  It’s also a position where you couldn’t spring up and escape very easily.

The second position was standing with your eyes down.  Your hands were folded and together.  I could stand behind you and hold you.  I could smell your hair and kiss your neck.  I could look at you and touch you.

The third position was on your knees.  From here you could take me in your mouth.  This is a thing that is pleasurable for me.  I know that you like to serve and it makes you happy to do things for me.

The fourth position was vulnerable and sexual.  You were on your hands and knees, but with your chest very low.  Your bottom was in the air as far as you could put it and your legs were spread open.  I had complete and total access to your most private parts.  You were mine to take however I wanted.  I could lick, touch and taste you down there.

I directed you through the poses and touched and explored you.  Each time you looked away from me out of respect and submission.  You were simply there for me to touch and enjoy.

Even when you were on your back and I was inside you your eyes were away.  I remember that you did your very best to be there for me and keep your own orgasm at bay.  You were such a good girl, Luv.


One thought on “When you looked away

  1. This is such an inappropriate time to be aroused, but its my own fault for looking at this during work. I’m getting wet thinking about this. Sir. Forgive me for being so candid, but its been too long. You cant be here soon enough.

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