Take down

This was wild and scary.  I know that there was real anxiety, but I was ultimately thwarted by your trust and faith in me. I wonder how you would tell this story.

I was worried about how you would react to this.  I knew it would be exciting and emotionally charged but I was worried about what may be in your past that I didn’t know about.

It started with a note and an envelope then I left.  The note told you that I needed to leave to prepare things.  You were to go outside, wait behind a wall and open the envelope.

The envelope had a note and blindfold.  It said that I had someone that was going to bring you to me.  You were to put on the blindfold that was in the envelope with the note, do not talk to the person.

After the blindfold was on the delivery man pulled up in his car and placed a hood completely over your head.  You were put in the backseat of the car and after driving for 15 minutes the car stopped.  He got in the seat with you and started to touch you.  Feeling your body, touching your breasts, hands on your crotch.

When your breathing picked up and there seemed to be a touch of anxiety and real fear welling up I took off your hood.  I was the delivery man and the only one in the car with you.

You told me that you thought that there two people in the car.  You knew that I would never leave you with someone or put you in an unsafe position.  You thought that the touch was how I touch, but I am sure there was at least a tiny seed of doubt.  This is what confounded me, your faith, but I was certain that there was real fear starting.

I had a video camera and taped you as we talked afterward.  I wish I could have recorded the thoughts and feelings that you had as we played, Luv.



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