How sexy was the photoshoot with D!  That could have been another one of the nights where I could have died happy 😉

D is a really nice lady and attractive.  I know that she isn’t a “thing” but she was my gift to you.  It would be dishonest to say that I didn’t like it but you know what I always whispered to you.  “You are more than enough.”

I didn’t keep this a surprise.  I know that you would have gone along with anything but I couldn’t keep it to myself.

We both shot her.  Some lovely shots with soft light in her sexy undies and some nice, artistic figure shots.

What’s next was my favorite, the two of you.  Blindfolding her and you kissing her neck.  Running your fingers over her body.  All your skin on her skin.  When she told you that you have a very nice body my head could have exploded from the fantasies hitting me.

I even did a little directing.  I think what I said was something like move in close like it was me holding you.

Then we moved to the shower and shot in there …

until my lens fogged up …

from the sexiness.

But it was not to be 😥


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