I want to remember this

Luv, I want to remember how I felt before I came to see you and how I would communicate with you.  This is what flowed out as quickly at my thumbs would go when you asked about your action plan to get me.

Oh Luv, don’t be silly. Tomorrow I will be there!  I will be so close to you that your chest will pound, you will feel light headed and there will be a pulsing, tingling between your legs.  You won’t need directions or instructions.  You will be drawn to me.

Here is your plan of action.  Hug me when I hug you.  Kiss me when I kiss you.  Look away when I say, remove your clothes when I say, touch yourself when I say.  When I put you on your knees please me directly.  When I give you a gift kiss her neck, touch her skin and hold her like I hold you.

Oh Luv, you will know what to do!

You are my Luv.

You are beautiful!

You are special!

You are enough!

Soon you will be able to feel me and hold me and touch me and smell me and taste me.  We will hug and kiss.  We will breathe the same air.  You will rest your head on my chest and stroke my hair because that is all the strength that you will have left.

Is that clear enough.  Just be my Luv!

I have one command for you.  Do not wear panties tomorrow.  Every time that you stand, sit or walk I want it to feel differently between your legs.  I want you to rub and feel pressure in a different way.  I want you to be stimulated beyond belief when I see you.  I want your desire to be multiplied.  I want your pussy hungry and red and swollen, begging for me.

Oh Luv, that is how you will be when I see you and I will so completely satisfy your needs that you will sob, “thank you” to me.

I am so hard right now thinking about you.


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