I could have died

You were just resting your head on my chest sleeping.  I was thinking that I could have died right then.  I think what that means is that at that exact moment in time nothing else in the world mattered.  I was in complete joy and bliss.  It is like a dream when everything makes sense, even if it is a little off kilter.

When your head is on my chest that is my dream.  I know that the world will creep in and the dream will fade, but for that moment it is as right as it could be.

I don’t think that there was ever a question if I would come see you.  If there is a chance to wake up next to you how could I not come.

You are right next to me, naked laying in bed and I am writing to you.  Why?  Because I want you to always remember that you are the dream that I crave.


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