I know that I will be giddy for days now that I’ve seen you.  How can I help but be on a high, drunk on you!

Oh Luv, you make me happy!

Seeing you has been when we could make it happen and not enough for someone that craves you, but I do need to tell you that something is different.  I feel an overwhelming happiness, which is not too unexpected, but I also have a sense of peace for you.

The peace may be from some of the obvious things we talked about that you have happening.  I suspect that it is not that simple.  Maybe it is the mix of things blending together synergisticly or maybe it is something unseen and unexplainable.

I don’t know that we need to define it, just embrace it.  I hope that you feel the peace too.

I would crave peace more for you than having your presence next to me.  I hope that makes sense Luv.


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