I’ve always been torn by a fear of losing you, a sense of impermanence but a desire to never forget even one feeling we had or thing that we did.

Your texts and photos feed my instinct to horde.  Deleting something from you is like deleting part of you.  I know that you would be crushed if you knew that I didn’t save the hung over, morning after the party pictures :-).

Oh Luv, I am mad when it comes to you, lol.

Our lock seemed like a wonderful thing.  It’s a physical object that you can keep when objects are so difficult for us.  It is durable and will stand the test of time.  You can visit the lock and know that we both touched it.  We can move it and be flexible with it’s location, where ever is the best.

I like where it is now.  You can see it and think of me so often Luv.


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