Braiding your hair

When did I braid your hair?  Was it the second or third time?  I remember that it was one of my earlier shows of affection.  Affection, plus a little more of course.

I did a simple braid in your hair.  Combed through and twisted it.  It seems like a gentle and caring activity and was an act of service for you.  It would have been intimate but not sexual because I’m sure that we would have been naked at the time.

Braiding became special for us.  You even sent me that picture of you when you braided your own hair.  You said that you were thinking about me and told me to look at your shoulder.

Why did I braid your hair.  That’s easy.  Possession.

You could go about your life and plainly display your braid.  Nobody would give it a second thought but you would know that it was my hands that braided your hair and marked you as “mine”.

I did something similar not too long ago.  I marked you.  It is sad to me that when you leave and shower every trace of me gone.  I don’t know if you ever saw the mark but I told you about my plan.  It was on a secret part of your body, so the world wouldn’t know, but you would carry me for days.  I gave you a hickey on the skin inside your cheek right next to your anus.

I don’t have any right to claim you but it is a fantasy.

When I was inside you the last time we were together you would whisper, “yours.”  Maybe it is a fantasy for both of us.


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