I kept my word

Oh Luv, I kept my word on the things I promised to do.

When I saw you I kissed you and touched you.  I wanted your touch so badly and I was so happy to see you.  Thank you for being there for me.  I can only guess how big my smile was when I saw you pull up.

When I had you alone I teased past the point that you could stand.  Anyone watching would have asked me to give you pity, which I did.  My original plan was to take you so much higher without reaching your peak but my heart is so tender for you that even I couldn’t stand it.  I let you cum when I was inside you.  From your reaction I was sure that it was worth the wait.

I reenacted our first meeting, even the hand print on your ass and taking you in the shower.  It was different this time.  There was the anticipation and longing because of the time apart but not the excitement and anxiety of the unknown.  It was better the first time in some ways and better in others now but I don’t know how to explain that EVERY time with you feels like it is the BEST time.

I also had you look away but with a different twist.  I didn’t tie you down or restrain you.  I placed you in a position where you would need to fight yourself to stay in the position I placed you.  You were on your back with your hands outstretched and palms down.  I moved your face away and placed your hand back out when you first moved.  You understood and you endured.  I thought that you would cry but you were so good and obedient, Luv.

I photographed the most beautiful pictures of you.  Just looking at them causes my deep emotions to stir and rise.

When I am on you and inside you there is a special window for me you affect you.  I told you why it is so special when you cum for me.

Sex is incredible and I have learned so many ways to please you, but when you cum for me it is an act of service.  You feel the pleasure physically and also in your being.  You have done what I asked and you have pleased me through it.  This isn’t a stereotypical servant fantasy that creepy old men living in a basement write about.  It is our real emotions, caring feelings we have for each other and the way that our souls are now knitted together.  I don’t know if a person could really understand it without experiencing it.

Luv, during your life you will have amazing experiences.  Some will be mind blowing and indescribable but nothing will ever be the same as when you cum for me.  When I say, “Cum for me,” and you say, “Yours.”


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