Candles, rope and a towel

Why do I enjoy playing with you so much?

When you would come see me I would love to set the room for up for you in just the right way.  I would have a candle burning and surprises set out.  Sometime you would see ropes laying there, almost yelling, “guess what is planned for you.”  I think I may have left a belt out just to create a little anxiety before but I never would have used that.

There was that weird instrument that kind of freaked you out, but that is a different story.

I think what my favorite trick was when that one object was hidden.  You had to know that there was something under the towel that was out.  I’m sure that I did this more than once but there is one item in particular I am thinking about.

You’ve told me that you have a love/hate relationship with it.  Maybe it was 51/49 percent or 60/40 percent but you wouldn’t tell if it was more love or more hate.  We bought it together but I had to hide it because if it was in the open for you to see you may have run away 😉

Luv, it is always to make you feel special.


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