No natural explanation

There is something that I don’t know how to explain.

You treat me kindly so I have a fondness for you.

You are beautiful so I am attracted to you.

You are sexual and fun so I have desire for you.

You are submissive and playful so I feel manly with you.

You are funny and make me laugh so I am joyful with you.

You are excited to spend time with me so I feel genuinely appreciated.

You are very good at what you do and I have respect for you.

I can take all of the feelings that I have and wrap them together and it will explain some of the connection I have with you.  It is the nature of people that if someone were all those things you would have deep feelings. That is how we are made.

What I have for you is different.  It is deeper and it is more.  What I feel for you can’t be explained by the things that you do for me.  There is no amount of gratitude heaped up that could make me feel how I do.  To me it feels like God brought us together for an appointment and our souls are knit together.

For whatever reason He decided that we are not destined for a white picket fence, but you will still be with me forever.  I told you what it feels like when I hold you and you rest your head on my chest.  I do know that you have awakened “me”, it was like I was dead and now I am alive.


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