The story of your collar starts like a lot of our stories.  Mystery, anxiety, secrets, teasing, clues, preparation, but most of all a plan to make you feel special.

This is one of my favorite memories.

I wanted to find the right collar for you.  Something leather and plain, not a gothic spiked collar and not a S&M slave collar.  I needed it to be simple and elegant.  There was never a plan to use a leash or lead; you are not a slave or a dog.  You are my Luv.

I selected a narrow black leather collar.  I needed it to be a little longer than what would fit you.  It would have been humorous to watch me in the pet store trying them on and guessing how much smaller your neck was. 🙂

Each of these details was important to me.

Then came the presentation and executing the plan.  You came to see me.  Maybe I had breakfast for you and maybe we had sex before I gave your collar to you.  I don’t remember those details exactly but I do remember hiding the collar and leaving the leather punch out. Not knowing what it was had to make it frightening.  It looks like demented pliers that are used as a torture instrument. 😉

The collar was long enough for me to cut off the section that had the adjustment holes in it.  We measured it for your neck and put one hole in it.  This was for you only, fit exactly to you.  This wasn’t a toy bought off a shelf at a sex shop.  It was a special adornment and display of affection, a little kinky, but exclusive for your body.

I hope that this was special for you.  I never did use a lead on you or have you crawl around, but maybe some day. 😉

There was at least one time though.  I had a rope tight across the bed and clipped your collar to it.

Oh Luv, you are always so good to me!



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