Never before

I’ve never done anything like this for a person before.

Our blog has changed and taken on a life of it’s own but even from the start I wanted icallyouluv to be as special as you.  I’ve never even heard of a gift exactly like this.  You are the object of so much of my creativity.

Icallyouluv is an action that I have taken.  It is more than feelings and emotions.  It is bringing them to life and the gift is in the journey it’s taken us on.

There are only a handful of entries left in our blog so I am very selective about what to write.  I wish that I could do so much more for you to show you how I feel.

This entry points out that I don’t just dream about you or think about you. You drive me to action.

You are so special and valuable, Luv.  I wish that I could be everything that you need. I can’t, but I will be everything that I can.


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