The saddest day

The saddest day was when you told me you were leaving.  Nothing else comes even close.  It felt like a death.  The life that I had found was now ending.

I laid in bed, staring at the ceiling and cried silently all night.  My eyes were swollen off and on for days as I walked through my life.  I could push the feelings down for a time but then I needed to go off by myself and cry.

There was no way that I could fight the feelings.  No way to make the pain go away.  It was as real and deep as if a knife was plunged in my heart.

You were being ripped away from me.  All that would be left was a jagged bleeding hole.

I didn’t know how I would make it.  I could not picture my life with you gone.  In an intellectual way I knew life would go on but I could not see past the pain to know how.

Luv, that day was only sadness and I still can not see any good in it.  This is what I mean.  With Fading I am sad but I know it means that your life is moving on.  Where is the good in you leaving?


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