I’ve only written about the real stuff, but is it OK if I write about fantasies?  It’s odd for me to think about because I don’t know if I actually have fantasies about you or if they are just plans not done yet.  Really, what would I not do 😉

Here is the most obvious one.  It’s the one that I think you’d guess if I asked you.  It would be having you and J together.  There is the obvious teenage dream of two beautiful women, of course, but it’s more than that.  And btw, I would completely be up to the challenge of both of you.  With J you could completely let go and express your passion.  You could be unrestrained and passionate.  I could enjoy participating and I could enjoy watching.  I would be able to see a look in your eyes that I may have never seen as you hold her.  The thing for me that would make this possible is that I don’t have any jealousy about what you would do or feel.

Another one that isn’t a surprise is to have a woman make a video of us.  This tickles a bunch of my kinks: showing off, making a souvenir, being deviant, etc.

I would like to pose for a figure class with you.  We’d only want sexy art students there of course.  We could slowly move through embraces and poses.  I’d put you in sexy poses and when we had to stay still I’d slip a finger inside you and tease you. I would be so bad.  When the class was nearly done I would give you the sexiest and slowest sex that you had ever had.  My pace would be maddeningly slow and you would beg, “Please, Sir.”  I would do that for so long up on the stage in view of the artists while they sneak touching themselves.

I’ve never wanted to show us off for a guy but I fantasy about us showing off for women.  I don’t know where this would take place but there would be a group of women.  You’d see them looking at us, maybe commenting how I dote on you or that I’m slipping my hand down your pants.  When we have their attention you unzip my pants and play with me.  When they pretend that they are not watching and are not turned on you can go down on me.  Public, sexy blowjob!  Why? Because we can, because we are fearless and naughty.  Because there are no limits between us Luv.

When we finally recruit a sexy submissive I want to watch you grab her head and shove her face to your pussy.  If she doesn’t do a good enough job you’ll pull her face in so hard that she can’t breath.  That will motivate her!  I want to watch you spank her and leave red hand prints.  You can play with her, the pleasure, and spanking her, the pain.  If she’s really good you can use a vibrator or, oh my gosh, a strap-on while she sucks me off.

I don’t know if this is a fantasy and I’ve never had the heart to do it, but I want to position you standing up. Tie your hands out, like that lady waiting for Kong Kong to come get her.  You would be so vulnerable and you would need to hold yourself up.  I would play with you and not let you cum until you begged and cried.  If you lost focus and started to fall your arms would pull and make you stand.  After you are sobbing for relief I would let you cum once I enter you.


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