In plain sight

I struggled if I should include this one, but for a reason that you might not think of.

I took landscape pictures and had you secretly in the background like an anonymous tourist.  You are the beautiful one coyly not looking at me 🙂  Of course I know it is you because we planned it, but I could pick that butt out of any crowd!

This is the sneaky part because you are now part of my Facebook banner.  Hundreds of my friends have seen you on my page, not knowing what they are really looking at.  That is a picture of my Luv!

Here is my concern.

When you are old and publish this blog, confessing “us” to the world, young people will read it and be amazed at the rawness and that the human condition never changes across time.  Maybe you’ll share it and proudly wear the scandal that erupts in your retirement community!  Maybe you’ll be a guest lecturer in a college class called, “Sexuality, Passion and Tragedy.”

Will those people in the future understand something trendy like Facebook?  Will it make sense to them how devious I am being plastering you on my public cover?  Will it make sense to them that every time I check my Facebook and every time my friends check my page they see you?


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